Let us gain a deeper understanding of you.

In order for us to curate an intervention plan that is best suited for your needs, a screening or diagnosis is carried out as a preliminary stage by our warm and friendly psychologists. Think of it as a "Get to know each other" session.

Eunoia has access to more than a hundred types of clinical assessments in the areas of mental state, mood, school readiness, and personality traits. All assessments are administered by clinical psychologists or clinical psychology traineers whom are given proper and sufficient training by qualified professionals. 

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Giving You A Better Peace of Mind

Instead of asking your friends/family members or even Google about the symptoms your child is showing, why not channel your concerns and worries relating to your child with a professionally trained therapist?

A psychological assessment may sound daunting. However, it is the key step to understand your child in areas that they are excelling in and the areas they need to address. 


Putting The Pieces Together

Psychological assessments are not a quick evaluation, and is likely to take several hours to complete. In addition, it will involve more than one session for therapist to evaluate all areas of your child. During a psychological assessment, the therapist will: 

  • chat with you (parent) and the child to learn more about their emotional and behavioural skills, along with their neurological functioning. If needed, they may also speak with your child's teachers or direct family members.

  • observe the child during the evaluation. For certain cases, the therapist may visit your child at home or at school to gain deeper understanding of their interactions with others.

  • compare your child's results with those that are within the same comparison group. This is to evaluate a range of abilities and evaluate your child's familiarity in areas such as reading, writing and mathematics.. 


The Outcome

 Upon evaluation, a detailed written report is provided several weeks later. A one-to-one consultation between you and the therapist will be scheduled to discuss areas relating to your child's current functioning level, how they perform/behave in school and at home, how they learn and what their strengths and weaknesses are. 

Additionally, action steps and further recommendations will be provided to ensure that your child can overcome the challenges that they face. 

Not Just For Kids Only...

On a case by case basis, adult clients may be required to undertake assessments in order to our therapist to achieve more objective understanding of yourself.