Couple Therapy

"You heard me but you're not listening to what i'm saying!"

"You should know me by now!!"

"I give you everything. What else do you still want from me?!"

Couple therapy may appear to be applicable to problematic relationships, however it is a useful platform to strengthen and enhance your relationship with your spouse/partner. 

During the session, couples will discuss on issues that often lead to arguments or misunderstanding. Couple therapy mainly focus to help you and your loved ones to gain insight into your relationship, resolve conflict and improve relationship satisfaction utilising a variety of therapeutic interventions. 

In the session, the therapist would actively treat the relationship as a whole rather than the two distinct individuals. So everyone has the opportunity to speak up in the safe space, and strive towards making progress together as a couple.

Most couples benefit from couple therapy by:​

  • gaining insight into relationship patterns
  • increasing emotional expression
  • developing crucial skills such as problem-solving and effective communication.

Family Therapy

Family therapy helps identify, understand, manage and modify the issues that all families face. Our families are important as support systems in our lives, and this helps us to see this. Conflicts are inevitable in every family, and sometimes these issues go unresolved. Unresolved issues may lead to unhealthy communication patterns and causing arguments and resentments within the family. 

In order to help us work together towards a healthy family life, Eunoia aim to help members in improving communication, solving problems, understanding and handling special situations, and creating a better functioning home environment. 

We provide a safe space for family members to voice up and express their discontentment with the presence of a professionally trained moderator.