did you know ya?

Pronounced as you-NOY-ya, we may be 100% Malaysian, however, the word eunoia originated from the Ancient Greek.

Eunoia carries the meaning of a well mind and beautiful thinking, and a very rarely used medical term for a normal state of mental health. 




Nice to e-meet you! 

If you didn't know, here at Eunoia we're all about being open and transparent, so let us pour our hearts out and tell you our story:

Eunoia started off as a service offering under our affiliated company, People Psyenceยฎ. It began with the desire to break the norm and change organisations' perception towards mental health by advocating the implementation of well-being initiatives. Since then, we have successfully garnered attention of HR practitioners and senior leaders of various organisations.

However, the road was not always smooth. Although wellness is recently seen as "trendy", it sparked a lot of doubts and concerns amongst organisations. Mental health, after all, is still heavily stigmatised in our society. 

We encountered many challenges, many rejections, many of the following (true story):

"Yes, we know employees' mental health is important, but we've allocated our budget for other initiatives."

"Stress?! Everyone has stress. Just get over it!"  (ouch)

"Therapy is too expensive! Such a waste of money!"

"If my employees are seeking help, it means they are crazy!"

"The economy is not doing well, everyone is stressed and it's normal! Why bother?"

and many more....

The mention of the words "mental health" or "therapy" were met with bored and disinterested faces. It is ironic because while everyone encounters emotional challenges, there are many who give little more than a dismissive shrug the moment the topic comes up. 

Along our journey, we asked ourselves "Will this be worth it?"... "Can we make a difference?"... "Shall we continue?"...

The answer is - YES, absolutely.

Thus, in July 2019, Eunoia declared her independence so as to better focus on reaching out to more people. Eunoia grew so much more than we imagined. It is now a safe haven that connects people from all stages of life, an avenue to generate unconventional ideas to better raise awareness on mental health and an opportunity for us to spread happiness, love and care to people. 

And so our story continues...

Buddy us, be part of this change and let's build a blooming emotional economy together!

With love,

Passionistas @ Eunoia 


We may be a small team, but our passion and dreams are big. We always want to advocate more, do more and be more.