employee WELLNESS programme

More than just a programme, more than just "another" employee benefit. 

It is the way for employers to show employees "You are important, and we care."

Introducing the essential tool to a healthy, productive and high-performing workforce. 



It is safe to say "Hey, I'm not OK and I need help"

You must be wondering why your employer is sticking their nose up your personal issues. In fact, they are not. That's why Eunoia comes into the equation. As a third party, we create a safe place where employees a.k.a you, can anonymously seek help for the challenges in life that you are going through. Nobody would know - not your manager, colleague(s), not even HR. 

Employees are less of a worrier and more of a warrior

Malaysians spend 1/3 of their day at work and are constantly at risk of mental health issues where 50.2% of them have at least one dimension of work-related stress.

When employees' emotional needs are well taken care of, they can focus on the bigger things - achieving organisational goals.

Mental health is re-defined

Mental health remains one of the biggest yet least talked about issue in the workplace. Thus, raising mental health awareness is crucial. When individuals are not educated on how to recognise symptoms, or what those symptoms can potentially lead to, they wouldn't know when to seek for help. We work hand-in-hand with organisations to ensure that employees can pro-actively voice their concerns and not be fearful of getting discriminated. 


A remedial solution for Employers

A remedial solution for Employers

A remedial solution for Employers


As an employer, you get to decide how many therapy hours you would like to sponsor your employees per year. Some employers offer the benefit to all employees within the organisation all year-round whenever they need it, some opt for per case basis referred by the management. Alternatively, some employers go beyond and offer therapy services to employees' direct family members (their elderly parents or children). 

Depending on each organisational needs, Eunoia will design a wholesome employee wellbeing experience for your organisation. From raising awareness, to designing communication tool kits, to building a community of supportive employees, we will be with you every step of the way. 

We understand that no two organisations are the same, thus we develop customised plans (our level of customisation is exceptional!). We focus on integrating our services with your organisation’s existing goals and initiatives to maximise results and boost utilisation. 

A safety net for Employees

A remedial solution for Employers

A remedial solution for Employers


As an employee, whatever issues that are discussed during your individual therapy session with the therapist is 100% private and confidential. Normally, employers will offer 7 to 10 therapy complimentary sessions a year to employees, per recommended by therapist in order to observe a significant change in behaviour. 

The need for you to attend additional therapy hours will depend on your behavioural progress. Additionally, if you have an immediate family member that requires this benefit, speak with your employer directly to discuss regarding extending the therapy hours beyond employees only. 

No information will be provided to the employer or anyone from the organisation. Don't worry, as under no circumstances will the records* become part of employee's personnel file. 


With this assurance in mind, you can comfortably attend the sessions, voice out the challenges you encounter, and work together with the therapist to strategise a solution.  

* For employees that are officially referred by management and are obliged to attend the therapy sessions to tackle poor workplace performance, a Report will be presented to HR or direct manager on action steps to improve performance. No details of employees' personal concerns or issues will be highlighted in the report. 

We Provide

• Individual therapy
• Couples Therapy
• Child Therapy
• Workshops & Training