How To Bounce Back After COVID-19: Building Resilience Campaign

Ever since the Malaysian government implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO), our day to day life was hit with a 180 degree change. The current global crisis (COVID-19) introduced many changes in our lives and inevitably made us feel an array of emotions. Overwhelmed, anxious, isolated, agitated, stressed etc... The question is – how does one overcome this challenging time and bounce back stronger than ever? 

Eunoia's Building Resilience Campaign (for organisations) is designed to tackle current and post MCO emotional issues that are commonly faced by employees in an organisation. It is a holistic approach that educates skills to build resilience both as individuals and as a team through increased understanding and effective implementation of the resilient mindset.  

In a time where social distancing is highly emphasised, your employees will not be virtually distant and will be given the opportunity to engage with their peers in virtual discussions, receive tips & advice from subject matter experts (licensed clinical psychologists) and experience interactive games and learning exercises all in the comfort and safety of their home. 

The journey of Building Resilience Campaign consists of: 

- Mood Tracker (mental health screening tool) 

- Mobile Learning with Gamification 

- Virtual Facilitation Session 

Eunoia ft. MECA

Eunoia is exclusively collaborating with MECA for the Building Resilience Campaign. We are delighted to share that all members of MECA will enjoy a special 20% discount for the campaign. To get the promo code or find out more details, kindly reach out to your relationship manager at MECA. 

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#1 mood tracker

How often do we check-up on our mental health?

Employees' checking their mental health states (depression, anxiety and stress) is made simple with Eunoia's Mood Tracker. 

The self-report survey takes less than 10 mins to complete and individual will receive a digital copy of personalised report on their results upon 


#2 mobile learning with gamification


Gametize is designed to support the delivery of a gamified building resilience programme. The platform redefines the learning experience with its sleek user experience, automated feedback and rewards system 



One (1) hour virtual facilitation session on topics relating to developing mental fitness conducted by our subject matter experts. The topics are as follows: 

- Introduction to Building Emotional Intelligence

- Stress Management & Self-Care

- Managing Change Gracefully


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