Individual Therapy & Counselling

Imagine taking an easy breezy walk in the park – you breathe in clean and fresh air, you feel the warmth of the sunshine and you leave with a rejuvenated and clearer mind. How relaxing is that?

That’s the similar experience one will have in therapy at Eunoia!

We believe seeking therapy/counselling should be as easy and as common as making a trip to a shopping mall (it’s called retail therapy for a reason) or getting a massage when you need to relax and unwind.

One does not necessarily need to have a 'serious problem' to attend therapy. In fact, therapy is for all. When you can't solve a problem in life, when you need a listening ear, when you're a little down than usual etc...

Individual therapy/counselling is a joint process between a therapist and a client. A common goal of therapy is to improve quality of life or to inspire change.

WARNING: Some side effects of therapy consists of increase positive feelings, compassion and self-esteem! 

Additionally, therapy and counselling allows one to upskill themselves in coping strategies to handle challenging situations, manage anxiety, depression etc.

During one's therapeutic journey, they become more self-aware, better in managing interpersonal relationships, and better in emotional regulations. Ultimately, they are one step closer to being their optimum self.